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UK National Lottery
Draw Days: Wednesday and Saturday
How to Play Learn how to play UK National Lottery
Euro Millions
5/50 + 2PB 2/9
Draw Days: Friday
Austria Luxembourg Belgium Swiss Portugal
How to Play Learn how to play Euro Millions
Mega Millions
5/56 + PB 1/46
Draw Days: Tuesday and Friday
How to Play Learn how to play Mega Millions
Draw Days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
How to Play Learn how to play SuperEnalotto


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Welcome to UK Lotteries lets you play the most popular lotteries in the world and send your tickets online. One of the most popular is the UK National Lottery.

The UK Lotto was established in 1994 and is acknowledged as one of the largest tax-free, lump sum lotteries in the world. It has already created over 2000 millionaires and has seen a record jackpot of £42 million won. The draws are held on both Wednesdays and Saturdays and are televised in the UK on the BBC.

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